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Welcome to #whalepower Tag and @whalepower Account Page

Whalepower is Community Project,
Generally, Anyone can use the #whalepower Tag but be sure to Read the Guideline First before Usage. Click Here for #whalepower Tag Guideline

This Account is run by a few Moderators / Curators
Curation given are Free from this account.
The moderators have cutting back many Rewards given by Muting many Accounts.
due to many users that have been using #whalepower Tag and not Supporting this Account @whalepower .
We encourage community user to read messages here.

To register yourself and helping this Account to grow. Please support!
Please Read and Register below

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Fully Supported this idea @paul-gillbanks
Muting them is Necessary , we are giving too many Freebies away.
I will starts soon and sure @bullionstackers will support as well when he come back from his vacation.


I believe this Restructuring is necessary , saving a lot of Voting Power .
Anyway many Authors just dumping their posts without even reading other author's posts and helping other too.


45 viewers , 36 votes , 9 comments
No one is reading much here. Muting is an option.


LOL I can't believe I have not apply for the registration.
Would you please registered me into the family. : )


Dengan adanya program ini sangat membantu bagi pemula atau ikan kecil.

You both are doing an excellent job, @paul-gillbanks and @solidgold .
Just dropping to check on the progress.


Gotza... Yea I am doing All ok here.
Thanks for checking.

Good to be here and see you running this when @bulliostakers is having a holiday.


Bullionstackers is much better than I am.
I am getting the hang of it in curating.
He is much generous to many , I certainly will cut all this back , overhaul #whalepower to save VP.

Register please... ^^


supporting each other is a must broo.

membantu satu sama lain itu keharusan di whalepower.


Yes we need support each other, that's how we can grow together.


yes and thnks to WP board I can meet you all here.


Ok siap mas bro. 😊

Definitely support and have been with whalepower since I joined Steemit. Count me in @jackpot

The project is great and has really helped me out with my growing. Support those who support you. Great work keep it up!


Fully agreed, as I have also benefited by supporting whalepower. Yes please keep your great work up.

I would like to register and help this account to grow. I fully support! : )


My pleasure! : )

Register me please.



I would like to register. I would like to be the part of this community.

Is good the project. I am like, thanks whalepower.

Hi there guys, i wish to know why you flagged my post. I merely shared my experience with poloniex in my post. I have no idea what i did.
can anyone tell me what is wrong with my post?

100% support for @whalepower project! Good to see @paul-gillbanks around when @bullionstackers is away.

I like @whalepower because it has helped me to advance, and bigger than before.
thank you @ whalepower

Registered please @santiintan
I like this post @whalepower

Missed this!



Register me please

I need to recharge. My voting power is much too low right now. I normally wait and recharge and come back and up vote all missed posts.


@bullionstackers @whalepower, just noticed my confusion. I hadn't noticed there's two accounts. All this time I had thought it was just the other account that must be up voted, and I was, but hadn't realized these posts wetter coming from the same account. Can someone clarify which one is the one that must be up voted? Thank you and I apologize if this is a dumb question.

Hello guys, I'm newbie and try to registered @nchis

Very good post. I want to join and registered.

Can I also register?

May I join and register @whalepower. Thank you so much :)

I would like to register too @paul-gillbanks.