WhalePower 2 Years in Steemit Platform

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Whale Power Just Turn 2 years old.
#whalepower have been launch since June 2017, founder @bullionstackers

We would like to Thank All for their constant Supporting #whalepower Community Project.
Mainly, to @paul-gillbanks , @solidgold , @shenzhou who have put a lot of weight in.
We would like to thanks @happyphoenix & @sukhoi-su for their Delegation Contribution.
Thank You

Don't forget to Read Whalepower Rules at @whalepower-guide

Whale Power 2 tahun bulan ini.
#whalepower telah diluncurkan sejak Juni 2017. Pendiri @bullionstackers
Kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Sekalian atas Proyek Komunitas #whalepower yang selalu mendukung proyek kita.
Terutama, untuk @paul-gillbanks, @solidgold @shenzhou yang telah memasukkan banyak bobot.
@happyphoenix & @sukhoi-su untuk delegasi SP ke @whalepower

Terima Kasih


主要是 @paul-gillbanks@solidgold@shenzhou,他们非常重视。
我们要感谢 @happyphoenix@sukhoi-su 的代表团贡献。

不要忘记在 @whalepower-guide 阅读 @Whalepower 规则

#whalepower A Project for Better Community
All #whalepower Contents / Images are Copy-Rights
If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.

Contact @bullionstackers at Whalepower Discord Channel

Contributions Donation can be made to @whalepower


Thank You p3d1
Success is upon Community Unite , Let's get together and keep swimming.
Watch for the next chapter to come.

Happy birthday to all whalepower teams. the whalepower power team is very much helping people here. I myself also feel very helped. I thank you all very much. especially for bullionstackers as the founders of this team. I am very grateful. I hope that in the future whalepower team will be more successful, so that more whalepower teams can help.

I love you all

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Suatu hal yang sangat positif dan penting dalam setiap langkah untuk menuju sebuah kesuksesan, sukses selalu buat #whalepower

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Congratulation Whalepower on your Anniversary.
Definitely will swim with you anytime. Sorry being late.

Thank you Su and your kindness.
Understand that you are busy with your studies.
We are sure you are always around. Just keep up with your hardwork.

Thank you whalepower community , I can feel you guys do looks after many authors.
Great Gesture!

Selamat dan sukses terus buat #WHALEPOWER, semoga makin banyak kebaikan buat steemian. Terimakasih atas sokongan buat saya selama ini.

Hai Mr @bullionstackers Restui saya bergabung #whalepower. Banyak hal ingin saya bicarakan dengan anda.

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Semoga semakin jaya

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