Back after a long hiatus...

Hi Guys,

How is everyone doing? This is just a post to get back on the bandwagon of Steemit again.

For some reason I have fallen off despite being really active for a period of about 2 years. I guess the big BTC drop and ETH drop made me disheartened along the way. However, I have decided to move forward by just treating this as a blog of sorts and forget entirely about the $$ rewards - it was those unnecessary expectations that caused a ridiculous amount of unneeded postings as well as unneeded call for attention.

So I am back to revitalise this blog but now with a different purpose entirely - for those of you who read this, I thank you!

So what have I been up to these past few months, I got involved in a very interesting business which is the legal growing of Hemp/Cannabis. We invested into a company who is licensed to grow and my stories have been nothing short of entertaining.

I look forward to telling them as I take the time back to posting here.




Welcome back. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on some of the Cannabis stocks in Australia. I'm currently invested in AC8 but not entirely happy with my holding at the moment.

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