The look of your beautiful smile

in #whalepower5 years ago (edited)


Come on in my mind will smile your sweet
Engraved your smile in my imagination
as if you were in front of me

Your smile is so breathtaking
I was swept up in your smile
Your smile gives me a different flavor
The taste that makes my days become meaningful

Your smile is not missed
In every second of my time
In every memory I imagine
Because you are my most beautiful smile


Your eyes give a beautiful glow of light
Your eyes are the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen
Your eyes make my heart calm
Your eye gaze is able to penetrate the walls and niches of my heart
Your eyes are able to divert each of my views

Your eyes make me feel something
Something I can not express with words
Only with a piece of paper and a black ink
I am able to express all the feelings that are in my heart

# Thank you for visiting my blog @war-tp

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