Among the trees

in #whalepower5 years ago


Mentari began to roll slowly toward the west, following nature that set it slowly hiding
Melt in a cloud of orange blasting
It flashed through the pine trees lined up in twilight

At this point I am still looking at your throne on the other end that can not afford anymore
A fascinating story that burns the soul and chants the chanting through the wind in the trees.

Beautifully ...

Every wind chant I heard, like clanging in my heart
The reflection of the shadows of the trees blackened after the orange slowly disappeared into the silence of the night

I go in my longing to wait for the twilight that has been lost by night, tucked my longing for the twilight
I'll wait again tomorrow, which will always bother me with your beauty
Always clasped with the beautiful dusk of dusk among the pines

I will not forget ....


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