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Hi guys, Will be giving a write up subsequently on a power of a PLUS factor, to help you grow on steemit and outside steemit. It going to be in episodes, so will like you to hookup around as post on it, Thank you!

If i were to tell you that there is a power within you that can revolutionize you life.
Yes! The power within you is greater than the fear before you,
A power that is invisible, intangible, but a completely real. Power that can transform you so dramatically that under its influence and guidance you can become an entirely new person, stronger, more confident, better balanced, more energetic, more resilient, more capable of coping with the ever increasing complexity of modern living .
Supoose i added that this remarkable force could lift you from failure to success, from illness to healthy life, from self-doubt to self-assurance.
And then if i assured you further that it could help ypu find congenial friends, solve problems, break out of stale habits, fairly exposed into a world totally different from the world you have known before, a world of enthusiasm and exhilaration and understanding and joy- what would your reaction be?

  1. I think i would want to find out about the power.
    2.What is it called?
  2. Where does it come from?
  3. How do i find it,
  4. what must i do to make it operative in my life?

My answer might surprise you because basically they are so simple. Everyone knows that there is a life force that sustains and animate every living thing on this planet of earth.
What it, you are alive. Without it, you are dead. This life is force was put into all of us by God himself. What i am writing about here is a special manifestation of it, a special concentration of it that will do remarkable things for those who understaand it and reach for it and allow it to function in ther lives.
I call it the PLUS factor.
It is the quality of extra-ness that we see in certain people . (for examaple the whales on steemit) they never becam a whale just in a day , but rather kept working toward becoming a whale, that is peoole who live with extra more eagerness, more energy, more enthusiasm than others.
Who set higher goals and achieve them more often.
Who keep going despite adversity and hardship
Who shrug off misfortune and give out warmth and caring and encouragement wherever they go.
People, in short who have in themselves, a marvelous PLUS factor at what they do @jerrybanfield @joeparys @kusadasi @adsactly @lotusofmymom @purepinay @ejemai @stach
When th good lord fashions human beings like you and me , how does he go about it ? I like to think about first he arranges all the intricate part of the body so that they are in balance and harmony with one another, the skin bones , nerves , all element that go into a marvelous machine designed to last lifetime.
But he who created us "a little lower than the angles" adds one thing more. He gives each of us a power that i call the PLUS factor - extra something in the spirit.

Thanks for your reading time, in my next episode will talk about how to activate the power of the PLUS factor in you.

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