How to Divide Fractions with Integers

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Dividing fractions with integers as difficult. To split fractions with integers, all you have to do is convert the integer into fractions, find the opposite of the fraction, and multiply the result by the first fraction. If you want to know how to do, just follow these steps:

Write it down. The first step to divide fractions by integers is to write the fractions followed by the divisor and integer you need to divide the fraction. Let's say we work with the following problem: 2/3 ÷ 4.

Change the integer to a fraction. To convert an integer to a fraction, all you have to do is put the integer above the number 1. The integers become the numerator and 1 becomes the denominator of the fraction. Saying 4/1 is really the same as saying 4, because you just show that the number contains "1" as much as 4 times. The matter will be 2/3 ÷ 4/1.

Dividing a fraction with another fraction is equal to multiplying that fraction by the opposite of another fraction.

Write the opposite of the integer. To find the opposite of a number, exchange the numerator and denominator of the number. Therefore, to find the inverse of 4/1, just exchange the numerator and the denominator so that the number becomes 1/4.

Multiply the numerator and denominator of the fraction. The next step, then, is to multiply the numerator and denominator of the fraction to obtain the new numerator and denominator as the final answer.
To multiply the numerator, multiply it by 2 x 1 to get 2.

Simplify the fraction. To simplify the fraction, you should look for the smallest denominator number, which means that you must divide the numerator and denominator by any number that can divide the two numbers. Since 2 is the numerator, you should see if 2 can divide 12 to exhaust - it could be because 12 is an even number. Then, divide the numerator and denominator by 2 to get a new numerator and denominator to get a simple answer.
2 ÷ 2 = 1

This is to help memory, an easy way to remember how to do all these calculations. Remember this: "It's easy to divide fractions, reverse the second number and multiply!"
Another variation of the above is JGB / JBG. Do not change the first number. Change to multiplication. Behind the last number. Or B first new G.
If you cancel the count before you multiply it, you may not need to look for the simplest form of the fraction because the result is in the simplest form of the fraction as you see it. In our example, before we multiply 2/3 × 1/4, we can see that the first numerator (2) and the second denominator (4) have the same number of multipliers of 2, which we can undo before we continue the count. This changes the problem to 1/3 × 1/2, which gives a 1/6 result directly and saves us time to simplify the fraction in the final stages.
If one of your fractions is negative, this method is still workable; make sure you keep track of the marks as you perform these steps.


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