When Nature Calling for Parrot Tricks | Part 1

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This Parrot is known as The Australian ringneck (Barnardius zonarius) , They are common found here.
They are also known as Rainbow Lorikeet , Beautiful bird with Dark Turquoise color.
Commonly call Twenty Eight. They have Red Band on their beak.

As you can see they do actually love their's treat. How wonderful if you can tame them doing this all day long.
In fact , as I put my camera into action to get this all. Actions like this is very hard taken. One must be ready to do so.

When Nature calling Be Ready with your camera

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Photography and Author by @bullionstackers
Day Photography - Original By @bullionstackers
100% Own Work.
All Content Copyright Reserved

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好久不见 , 你去哪了? 来吧



This is Perfectly taken; even the Parrot can balance with one leg.
Gotta Luv this. Thanks for sharing.



I need a Pirate Parrot with one legged.
Anyone seen one?
Hey Su ?


i believe he is playing with Sponged Bob and the Flaying Ducthman. lol
aye aye captain


It is SWG , you know him ?

Parrots are incredibly beautiful and intelligent birds! Look how he sits and is not afraid of people!
It's especially funny how they use their legs to keep food. They have a very developed brain, it can be seen observing their intelligence, as well as just seeing how they move.
The fact is that, on earth the birds move either by jumping or by striding. Did you notice that, for example, pigeons funny shake their heads while walking?:) This is due to the focus of the eye, in other words, first the body goes, and then the head moves and the eyes refocus. Parrots have continuous constant focusing, which speaks of the developed vision and the brain as a whole.

He looks very loving food and holds food with his tiny feet, a very unique and adorable event. @bullionstackers

Wow! You sure did capture the beauty of this parrot, especially with the treats in hand...or should I say in beak and claw. Awesome photography @bullionstackers! : )

You have multitalented @bullionstackers.
You did great shooted. It's not easy to get moment when the parrot did activities.

I'm gonna wait the next series


Yes , I did and they are amazing cute little ones.
Check out for the next series Etty

Kakatua ini sunguh cantik , bilang bilang katakanlah membuat pertunjukan yang sangat menarik


Nya, Burung ini luar biasa

Wow, you are good and quick!!. I like the last photo best. Picking up the food with the claw....thanks for sharing and will be looking forward to more nature photos.


This post show you , with multiple images , sequence as a result of ownership to the photography.
Series Images

are you an animal trainer, or you bribe him to stand one feet. lol
always get ready with camera.... : )
why he is called 28?


There are call "TwentyEight"
click the word and you will find them in Google.

wow ... I appreciate what you did @bullionstackers. Look, he's stylish like a photo model artist. hehe .. really a smart parrot.


They are intelligent creatures one must say.

Wild parrot? Wow that must be fun to feed them!

Smart and beautiful birds..


of course they are.
I wouldn't share them if not worth it.


😀 👍 you the best sir...

burung parrot yang sangat cantik tuan,sungguh photography yang luar biasa tuan,@bullionstackers

You are really so beautiful bird.i like it this nice parrot. thanks for sharing your post... best of luck..

Wow what a beautiful piece captured ,i love parrots a lot .they mut not be inside cage .liked your pic as it shows there true natures form

@bullionstackers lovely photography of parrot.

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Wow very wonderful animalphotography. My favourite bird is parrot. I love you parrot. thank you so much. your post is very grateful.

I love him or her, hete in Holland you have a few equal ones. The were set Free and mated so we See a few around. They make sweet movies 😂 but never upclose

I think the parrot is now trouble in the rain


There is no Rain..

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Very cool parrot, is it yours or actually a wild one?


They are Wild Birds

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