Whalepower HF21 / HF22 Ready

Working Hand in Hand , Strength by Strength.
We have been with you All. HF21 / HF 22 is a different game.

One For All - All for One

Manual Curation is Ours Game.

Our Rewards is Better in The Game.

New Whalepower Ruling will be Release soon as we have upgrading many stuffs here.

We do have #cn users in our #whalepower Platform , You guys are Welcome to use Our Platform.

We have Upgraded some Tokens in Our Curation.

Berdampingan, Kekuatan demi Kekuatan.
Kami telah bersama Anda sekalian sebelumnya.
HF21 / HF 22 tidak sama.
Satu untuk sekalian - Sekalian untuk Satu

Kurasi Manual adalah Game Kita.

Rewards Kita selebih banyak dikurasi kita.

Peraturan Baru akan Segera Dilepaskan setelah Kami meningkatkan hal lain.

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Terimakasih untuk setiap support dari whalepower team yang luar biasa 🙏

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working side by side is a very necessary thing. and I will wait for new regulations.

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Mari Satukan kekuatan untuk tumbuh bersama, Terimakasih atas kerjasama dan dukungan Anda. Have a good Job.

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Thanks @ bullionstackers n @ whalepower, @ bee-smart, and the whole team, good luck continues to

Terimakasih atas dukungannya selama ini untuk tim whalepower

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New Whalepower Ruling will be Release soon

Had been better if the same were covered in this post itself.

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.

Hey @bullionstackers, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

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