Tian Shan 天山 Mysterious Grand Canyon - Kuqa 库车 Xinjiang NorthWestern China - Part 5.0 天山

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Tian Shan 天山 Mysterious Grand Canyon

Click on Image for Xinjiang NorthWestern China Part 4.0

Tian Shan 天山 Mysterious Grand Canyon

also refer to as Kuche Grand Canyon , Kuqa 库车 Aksu Xinjiang China
It take about two hours plus in this area for sight seeing tour.
It'll cost anywhere between 300 and 600 RMB , Transportation can be arrange at Jiao Tong Hotel for guided tour.
It cost 40 RMB for the entry to the canyon.
Northern portion of Tarim Basin , Xinjiang China
What other thing can you see in Kuqa and Kizil?
What is the name of The Highway lead to this area?

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Wow! Magnificent structures. I bet you felt like an ant in there.

A place that is amazing, it wants to be there.

Great shots. How are finding the food? I was wonder if I will like the local cuisine when I travel to new places.

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Wow! Amazing post!
I wish there are more details though.