Special Edition on NEOXAG Tokens

I have seen people selling them at 0.032$ ...... while The Market is at 0.060$

Current price of NEOXAG Tokens about 0.060$

If I were you , I won't sell any at all cost at the moment.

I keep this MESSAGE SIMPLE and let you think about it.

目前价格约 NEOXAG 0.060 $


我保持这个 消息简单 让你考虑一下。

Harga NEOXAG saat ini sekitar $ 0,060

Jika saya jadi Anda, saya tidak akan menjual apa pun di harga saat ini.

Saya menyimpan PESAN SEDERHANA ini dan membiarkanmu memikirkannya.

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does this activate a @neoxian tip bot that @zaku posted about? lol id post about reazliqa or whatever more if his name was easier to remember sameguy123 @sameguy123 ?

Yes that is right, I hope the bot is working but I am still waiting reply from bot. 😊

great job Sir, i hope neo to the moon... 👍

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I think so too. the purchase price and the selling price are far different. but yesterday I already sold a little neoxag because of sudden needs. henceforth I will hear your message. maybe I will sell neoxag when the price touches 0.05.

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Have a great day, neo ... getting ahead

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I gave you a 183 ASS upvote! And i resteemed I am VERY grateful forany posst about NEOXAG and I have bought like 5000 in the last two days. And Iplan on buying 100 NEOXAG everyday for next 5 days!

I read the announcement a little late that Neoxian city has changed the token distribution system. Staking has become more profitable now.

What is the reason of your down votes on my posts?

More good posts needed, i voted older ones
Thank you

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