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The result, I obtained will be put where The Weight of Whalepower should be.
To Our Liking Vs Good Composition Posting and so on.
Who is dumping posts and not reading others contents.
Thanks for asking , what I am doing with the result.

Notice: The Post is much Lower compare to my Normal regular posts.

What is this test about? o.O


Running Some Test
  • Population Test
  • Bot Test
  • Weight Test
  • Reading Test
  • Observation Test
  • Subscribers Test
  • Using 2 x Tags only - one with #whalepower
  • Followers Test


It sounds too technical for me... Anyway, good luck and I hope you'll get a positive results in all these.. :)


Neat !!
I'd be interested to learn more


hahaha... so we're all curious about this test.. hihihi ^^

Testing for bots or human?

I wait for the result, and your release it to the public.

if it make many kind of test @bullionstackers

Wow,,, what it is,, ?


please see above comment @tegoshei

Selamat datang @bullionstackers dan semua komunitas #whalepower sangat sangat senang dengan komunitas ini

i don't get it 😲

Saya sangat senang dengan komunitas #whalepower dan @bullionstackers karena selalu bermanfaat bagi kita