Room for Growing


Like any Cryptos / Tokens , there are always Room for Growing.
When plant from seedling , potential of growth is what you plant.
The End Result one's can enjoy.


This Broccoli is just two months old. It still have Room for Growing.
Do you eat it before the Best Size?
So like Any Token , plant them first. The size will grow.


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Sorry girl , I have been away.
Let me check for you. I guess the other mods have look after certain end.
And see who did that flagging. Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you Mr Bullion
I am getting worried the damages have done to my Reputation.
Didn't even get involve in anything. Some stupid trolls that flag for Trigger Happy.

a very interesting thing to do, something that takes time to be able to enjoy the broccoli that you plant

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Hello sir, saya sangat setuju dengan anda bahwa seseorang yang menanam dengan baik, maka dia akan dapat menikmati hasil akhir.

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Your post really deep meaning @bullionstackers.
None can be instant.

We can't expect fruit in one day....need to hold on patience to enjoy when time comes

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