Rating your Post in Steemit

in whalepower •  8 months ago 

How Hot is your Post?

Base on Numbers of Followers and Supporters ?

Why do other Following you?

Do they actually your supporters?

or Probably a By-Stander?

Experimental to Rating this Now....

You have to Like this Post to Rate it !

Comment if you do like it...

Let's Go...

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Surely Hot
Hot Chili Pepper Hot
Gotta Love to be Hot Stuffs around ere.



Super Duper Extreme Hot


This post has received a 38.06 % upvote from @boomerang.

Some hot some not so


@ace108 your vote is Hot
Extra Hot 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

This experiment is amazing Sir, I really want to see this experiment.


You have been Awarded

Hot Stuffs


Thank you very much Sir.🙏😂

looking at the number of votes you got, it is super hots, : )
and we are all hot

Great post!

60% of my followers, because they are close to me and they are interested in enjoying my writing. Keep smile

Hello @bullionstackers, introduce me @aulia1993 from Indonesia.

this is my first time visiting your blog. about the matter of posting, almost all of my posts discuss health. and that's because I work as a nurse. I really like things about health, because in my opinion health is the main thing that must be considered. I am also very satisfied if the health that I give is beneficial to others. and I am grateful that almost 50% of followers support me.

and I get some support in the form of votes from you, I also thank you very much for the support you have given.

Thank you @bullionstackers

I really like this post.
But I don't know how my post is warm or hot?
How do we know it, please explain!

Saya belum bisa menentukan, tetapi semoga apa yang saya tulis dan gambar yang saya tampilkan tidak mengecewakan para sahabat steemit. Terima kasih atas dukungannya selama ini @whalepower, @bullionstackers, @paul-gillbanks, dan rekan-rekan anda semua. Semoga anda semua terus maju dan sukses Terus

I guess the number of votes would tell how hot your post, is... though some are already automated, so I'm not sure.. and some are from a curation trail... hihi~ I think if people comment "real comments" on the post, then it's hot. ^^

Smokin' hot!!!


Your Post have been Awarded !


Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! : ) : ) : )


Semoga saja pos saya menjadi sebuah manfaat buat semua orang di steemit, walaupun belum maksimal tapi ada yang betul-betul mendukung saya, semoga saja bisa menjadi penilaian tersendiri dari para steemians yang mendukung konten-konten berkualitas.
Terimakasih @bulliostackers atas informasi yang anda berikan dan atas dukungan anda selama ini buat saya...

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