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Thanks for the upvote! It's nice to see a little cash from my posts considering I'm risking cameras and drones for most of my recent content. Every little bit helps.

I think you unfollowed me by mistake

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule just to remember me happy new year and many more because you are appreciated thank you

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Hi, I remember some time ago you were still posting about insects.

Yesterday I created my new (beta) STEEM insect community

I really would like to see many Steemians who are interested in these little creatures becoming members and posting pictures or articles about insects and other arthropods there. :)

Thank you for your support stay well friend

By voting for my "payout declined" comments and posts, you are supporting the highest-quality-community-approved-content of the top-earners!!!

I've concluded that the voting system is completely broken and will use delegation as an alternative.

Vote-selling is exactly like buying banner ads (paid-endorsements), which steemit doesn't seem to have the slightest "problem" with (I'd even buy some myself if they let you pay for them with steem).

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