Make your Neo Token Worth Good Return

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  • 20 x NeoXag and Receive ( 0.05 x SBD vote ) on 1 x Post

If your send

  • 25 x Neoxag , You will Receive ( 0.10 SBD vote + 1K worth of NeoXag vote ) on 1 x Post must have Neoxian Tag.


  • 50 x Neoxag , You will Receive ( 0.25 SBD vote + 5K worth of NeoXag vote ) on 1 x Post must have Neoxian Tag.

memo- Bullion Promo.

  • No url link !

2 x Transaction perday per Account.

Send your NeoXag to @bullion-dex

As I am taking off NeoXag Token off circulation as much as I can , currently undervalue.
Good Before HF21 , 0n 27 August 2019.

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Wow mantap... ini tidak termasuk whalepower tag didalamnya..?

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No Need , During Promotion
We have ways doing them.

Tak payah pengunaan Tag , Hanya mesti ada Neoxian Tag

Program yang sangat bagus untuk menambah semangat kita semua dalam berkarya di steemit. 👍

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Sebuah terobosan sangat bermanfaat terutama bagi pemula dalam steemit, terimakasih @bullionstackers

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program yang bagus. yang membutuhkan sedikit pengorbanan tapi mendapatkan hasil yang terbaik.

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