Invitation to My Birthday Party

in whalepower •  3 months ago


You All ; are Invited to My Party.
But Don't Expect me to Vote for you!
I am moody Today.

Now, Who are The One that have my accounts keys?

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🎈 Happy Birthday!
🔥 🔥 🔥
📍 📍 📍
📍 📍 📍
Happy birthday sir i can only bring a little gift for you...


lol. . some one is caught red handed.
@bullionstackers happy birthday. blow the candle


He is Moody Today.
Looks like I have to do All The Works here.
Just Keep The Party Going!

Singing Happy Birthday to you @bullionstackers! Do the 9 candles have something to do with your age? LOL! Wishing you many more and good health. HUGS!

Heey! Happy Birthday! ;)
Wishing you all the best on your special day! May all your dreams come true!


Thanks for dropping in. @ratel
The Party not even Heat Up yet!

Happy Birthday @bullionstackers
Wish you be succes and get luck in everythings

Warm Regards from Taiwan.🎂🎁

LOL, moody birthday boy. Happy birthday no upvote needed. Hope your day goes better than expected.

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Hey @coquiunlimited thanks for dropping in.
May The Best Posters win.
Oh! , Did I said that?


Happy birthday @bullionstackers.
Hopefully the next day will be a fun day for you.

Blessed and Happy Birthday @bullionstackers. I just celebrated my birthday too. May the Good Lord Bless you with Good Health & Wealth, Love and Happiness. By now your moodiness should have disappeared. 😄😄😄

Selamat ulang tahun @bullionstackers..
Semoga diberikan kesehatan dan umur panjang. Dan selalu dalam kesuksesan.

Happy birthday brother!

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Happy birthday Mr @bullionstackers semoga sehat dan terus berkontribusi di steemit. 👑👑

Hope you had a wonderful birthday

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Love to see everyone here.

I know you will have a kick butt birthday!! Thanks for being awesome!


You have been MIA?


Yea, a little bit. I have been active lately though. Mainly was MIA due to working a lot. Having a newborn baby as well as moving across the country. Although now I have a lot of new things to post about as well as pictures and stories to share. I am slowly sharing them all. :P

Feels good to be noticed when missing though :D

I know the feeling. Glad your here another year. :-)


Happy Birthday Buddy !


Pirate Skull Cross Swords.png

HBD @bullionstackers!

Hopefully your moodiness is quickly resolved. 🙏

happy birthday, success for you and team whalepower;)

Happy Birthday!!!
Stay happy, although moody... hihihi~ ^^

Happy birthday @bullionstackers.🎂

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Wish you are in good health! Happy birthday friend! Many wishes of birthday. It is always your family that you are always happy with your birthday.

Happy birthday Sir @bullionstackers @whalepower. Remember, I was the one whom you have helped months ago when I asked for an upfund for my Mother's medication. Thank you so much Sir. God bless you more! 😆


I Hope! Her Health has Improves.


Yes she has, but still on medication. And at least she can move now her body and can do some chores. Thanks a lot.

As you add another year I want you to know that
Life that is ahead of you is a completely blank page. There are no tracks that have been laid for you to follow. When we put a dim light on our entire lives, we get stuck in past & future. Shine a bright light on here and now. Just this moment & one step in front of another.
Happy birthday @bullionstackers

Happy birthday @bullionstackers
We hope you continue to provide enlightenment and guidance to all of us steemit users. So that we continue to contribute to raising steemit and we can minimize any violations or errors in steemit surfing.

Dont be moody because youre a year older youre Getting wiser too. CONGRATS

Enjoy your birthday to the fullest. Don't forget to send us something.

Wishing u a lovely birthday, more of it in peace, blessings, and grace of God.
Enjoy your day and have fun


@dgp , you are from Dragon Discord?


Happy birthday to you!
May God bless you 😀

Forgive me. I don't realize your lucky day. Happy Birthday. Good luck with you, Mr @bullionstackers

It does not matter if you do not vote for me, I love congratulating the birthday children. Happy birthday @bullionstackers, have a great time with all your loved ones.