Guess Game - Bet to Win ~ Two

in whalepower •  4 months ago 

How to play this Game?

Step 1
Send ( 0.05 to 0.25 steem ) maximum to @tenaga-satu

Step 2
Guess a number from 1 to 1000 ( Number not to be repeated by anyone otherwise VOID )

  • guess as many as you like , one guess per transfer transaction - no memo please !
    ie : 0.25 steem max transfer
    then transfer again for second guess.

Step 3
Comment below this post with your guessing number

Step 4
Wait until 7 days is over , you should get pay.

To All Gamblers , Here this is much better ROI to you All. You Can't Lose !

note: This is a Sarcasm remarks
This is a Trial Post.

Game Post closing 24 February

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Me Take 2
working too hard for everyone.


Thanks a MILLION
Hardly see you around.
Number 1 as last week


You're Welcome!
Keep on Good Posting, I will checking on ya.


How are you Mr Gold?
Great opportunity to give you some support.


Gr8 , you need to be active there.
Thanks a Billion!


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nomber 456
Terima Kasih Pak Bullion

nomber 345
Terima Kasih Pak Bullion

Perfect Ten
High Ten
Number Ten
Sweet 10
Ten out of Ten

my next number is 999


Be sure to checkout new game
Thank you.


I got paid too. Thanks
Lucky number 785

Sweet 18

Hmm, some game there Bullion?
ok, Number 80


Yes , this is only second week.
Don't forget to check the coming new game soon.

Number Two Hundreds


Hello Everyone

I am @the-reef , Another #whalepower Curator Account


Hello @the-reef
Thanks A Million for Everything.
Love this Game also Thanks The Bossman.

Good Game.
I like it very much. Just got my payout from last week.
Number 500


Beautiful Game.
Same here, I got it too.
1000 to be pick.


All Winners on timeblock
Winners Only


Fifty as 50




Gandaan Enam kali.
Datanglah kepos Minggu ni.
Tanam lagi untuk kebesaran. Yay
Semua untung


Oc. Terimakasih atas kebersamaan dan kerjasamanya. Bimbingan dan arahan sangat saya harapkan.

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I think 71


Game Void missed Step 1