Field of Lavender

Field of Lavender , not quite what I wanted to grow. This type is Hybrid species.
Their growth about 60cm height. This lavender flowers are like honey combs in shapes.
Propagation can also be done by stem cutting. Consider they are hybrid this one can still grow by stem.

What I wanted was deep purplish varieties. Having purple colour carpet type in the front garden.
The plan was to have them fully blooms and attract the bees. It actually works. The weathers a bit colder at the moment and the bees doesn't like it. No Bees? Ouch!
The lavender are absolutely fragrance. Wife have been cutting them and dried them up.
Making Pot Puries and mixes with others flowers butts. Aromatic soothing fragrances that can be put in the wardrobes.

Now you have seen our front garden , the facts is that we do actually changes these flowers every seasons and makes them to suit the seasons.
Great Ideas?

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These are unique plant , Beautiful Purple flowers and full of scents.
Do agree that the shapes of the flowers looks like Honey Combs shapes.
Fantastic many usage as well. Definitely love them.

Awesome, Di tempat kami bunga lavender dilambangkan dengan wewangian yang menggoda sehingga banyak wangi lavender digunakan untuk bahan pewangi pakaian, pewangi ruangan dan lain sebagainya.

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Betul , Semua boleh diguna.
Kita menjemur di matahari buat kering lepah tu campur dengan bunga lain.
Ni boleh simpan lama boleh menharum bilik pakaian.

Yes, warna lavender ni cantik dan kita berjermur di matahari supaya ia kering.
Di gunakan di walldrobe bilik pakaian boleh menharum pakaian kita.

Actually I am the type who likes all beautiful flowers, but for this lavender, this is my first time seeing it. I know lavender is a flower that has a strong scent. can these flowers bloom in summer?
And will the bees arrive only in summer?... (Sorry,, I'm not smart in this matter).

Lavender can bloom flowers all year round. We normally dried them up and use as scent in a little pouch to hang in the cupboard. They are actually nice.

pemotretan yang terlihat sangat indah. di indonesia bunga ini dijadikan sebagai pengusir nyamuk dan sebagai pewangi. saya suka dengan bunga yang memiliki banyak manfaat.

beautiful and charming flowers and many benefits for the health world, especially overcoming mosquito bites

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I love lavender. We have it in our garden, too. The bushes benefit from being cut back when they finish flowering. They are short-lived annuals, i.e. last about 5 years before they need replacing

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