FengHuang Bridge ~ FengHuang Xiangxi-Hunan China 凤凰 湘西土家族苗族自治州 Series 1 part 5

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FengHuang Bridge Tuojiang Town , Fenghuang 凤凰县 county Hunan province China.(Phoenix Town)
This town was built in 1704. FengHuang Bridge photo was taken on the flatboat , panaroma view.

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Very clean, the river, it's nice to be here. Simple place but beautiful scenery


Yes, it is indeed very tranquil here. There are so much to see around here.
This town is very ancient. The day and night is very different feeling one must admit.
Night lighting is very beautiful here. All those lanterns lighting up.
Totally setting the day differences. Even though the ambiance of this town is neither quiet with all the tourists visiting this place daily.

A cool shot this is I must say

What a cool shot and place i love the reflections


Thanks @tattoojay , The China Series are pretty much in Reflection Images. I would say.
There are so many places to visit here , particularly North West China where The Old Silk Road of the Old Trades corridor of China meet the West. These are one of the reason I came visiting China.
You need to check out this Series.


I was just 👀 Looking back at the other shots in the series awesome series I must say

I never made it to China myself closest I git was Hong Kong before it was returned

@bullionstackers, Great to know that this town is built in the year of 1704. And whenever we see pictures or Ancient and old places it really increases or expands the excitement to know that place. Stay blessed.