Calosoma Schayeri Beetle - Intro

Calosoma Schayeri Beetles are predator beetles. Their main diet are caterpillars ; can grow to 26 mm.
They do have rimmed iridescent bronze / dark green in color. Sometimes they do eat leaves ; preferable cabbage or broccoli leaves.
They do have a set of strong jaws that can cut thru shell. You need to follow this series and view the rest.
Calosoma Schayeri Beetle also known as Scarab Beetle.
Stay tunes.

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Mr Bullion
This is very good beetle. It is so cute.
It claws looks very sharp, look at the jaws.
Demolishing Beetle?

Thanks for keeping me motivated stay well

Back in Rep 43
Good Stuff

Thanks for the information to get me here and keeping me willing to continue stay well

Some great pictures there! I think we have those Beetles here, if not then they are very similar.

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bro curate stuff for me like this! lol

Damn, his bite would cut off my finger.

hadir meramaikan Sir.. Nice Bugs

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I was JUSt looking at beatles after looking at a Journey album cover with a scarab spaceship.

Also about your last post about NEO lol


I need to watch that movie

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