Beware of tisko ~ Before You Pay

in whalepower •  7 months ago 

My Dear Steemian
Please Beware of @tisko Services.
They Do Not have the Capacity to Perform.

Their Accounts as Listed
@tisko 37.509 STEEM(+266.462 STEEM)
@krteam 6.791 STEEM(+2.430 STEEM)
@art-s 137.918 STEEM(+318.777 STEEM)

Actual Total less than 200 SP with Total Delegation of ( 587.669 DSP )

I suggest Before They Start Charging and you guys paying for Their Worthless Services !


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Before using the service it's good to see the ability to provide services so as not to lose.

Thank you for information @bullionstackers

Terima kasih atas informasinya, sangat bermanfaat buat saya dan yang lainnya....

hello @bullionstackers yes my account is 300 steem power
but I work with group
You can demo to check it out

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