Rusty Rivets

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I used to watch this show on the television .
On the nick Jr channel it is called .
Rusty Rivets who use his imagination .
And resourcefulness to save the day .
When the need arises along with his
best friend Ruby Rivets .
They used their spare parts for object he finds to come up
With some of the wildest and coolest .
One of his first inventions is a robotic dinosaur his name is
Botasaur . who he creates to help recuse a trapped .
friend from a recycling yard . but botasaur quickly
Become a trusted sidekick to
Rusty and Ruby.
" Rusty Rivets " encourage kids to use
There imaginations to create their gadgets and inventions .
I hope all of yo like it
thank your support @ babu21
() taken from google

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