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Well, looks like I am the first one to comment on the video. There are 12 upvotes so that is promising. I would like to see that many comments or a comment for each upvote. You would think that everyone that upvoted the post would have something to say about the video. I know my jaw hit the ground when I heard 3 million dollars. Then I have an issue with any "club" that charges membership dues or fees. I understand the need for membership fees and I am saying they are bad, I am just saying I have a problem paying money to belong to a group and paying more for higher levels in the group. I don't mind donating to a group, but when you tell me I have to pay to be a member it bothers me. I know you have the free membership people can get and in fact 1,000 people can sign up and get a Free membership, which I have. I am not a big content creator so the @SteemThat bots haven't down much for me, but I plan to start creating content here on @Steemit and so the whale pool could be beneficial when it comes online, but would that benefit justify the cost of a paid membership? I don't know, but to me personally it wouldn't and I have been signed up with since close to the beginning and have been a supporter and promoter of the site and I have bought a few dollars of Stish and have earned a nice little stash of SteemThat Tokens so I am not going to abandon ship and will continue to support @binkley and the other members of Now, if you upvote this post you should have a thought or opinion about the post and what was discussed in the video or maybe something to say about my comment.



@fhstralow The memberships allocate what level of support you participated in for the whale pool. We are letting members build a whale pool. It is pretty sweet.

Free members still get support but those that help fund the whale pool will get a little more support from the whale pool accounts. That way it is fair. Plus paid members exchange their steem that rewards tokens for free. The membership levels allow us to make sure that people who fund the whale pool receive a fair amount of support as a percentage of upvotes. If you dont want to support the whale pool that is fine. Free members still have all of the access for the most part and benefits has to offer.

It is also a way for us to bundle Stish with memberships to allow for a simple package to support the whale pool. It allows us an efffect way to manage it easier still than signing up for minnow support on discord. You have already purchased some Stish to helpout and so have a few others. We will be able to assign you a level of membership that corresponds to your support level.

It Just makes it fair for those who support the formation of the whale pool. Now you can pay with SBD, Eth, BTC,LTC and USD via credit cards. Buy some more Stish and fund the whale pool. Paid members also get discounts on Stish purchases as well. They get a little beyter pricing which an even better incentive to help us jump start the whale pool.

Thanks for the feedback. You can pay for upvotes of one or two posts and get the one shot hit or you can fund a whale pool and get support all year long. The ROI is long term on Steem but possible shorter term on Stish as demand for membership increases due to added growth thanks to better whale pool support and tools. We are almost finished with a tool to accept only stish for payment. We will launch this tool after we fund the whale pool. Then that will force people who want to win and be part of the whale pool success buy stish from those that hold it in order to get membership access and whale pool support. The only way in the future to be a part of the whale pool is if you have Stish. Stish is a limited supply token built on the Ethereum blockchain and traded on I cant predict the future but this is the idea of what we expect to happen. We will have adequete funding also from the curation rewards since we are not just leasing steem power but own it. It would give us abput a 5% ownership stake in Steem which is siazable. Also it will drice the price of Steem up as we buy up more and more supply each week. It is actually a smart move to buy Stish to drive up the price of Steem and then ultimatly drive up the price of Stish. Yes it will work. It is not a scheme or scam just business.

Think about how EOS is doing Eth... Sitting on hundreds of thousands of eth I think roughly 2 billion USD AT CURRENT PRICING. When they start selling off it will drive the price of Eth down and eos will go up probably to the number 2 spot behind BTC. Just how it will work with that volume. The same concept but my name is Eric not Dan.

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