The Goal(s)- New Life Day 3

in #whale3 years ago

Have you heard the saying “begin with the end in mind.” Before I could come up with a plan, I had to come up with a goal. What was it that I wanted to obtain? I thought long and hard about this. The things I came up with were as follows:

Question: What is true about your present condition?

  • I was pretty much cut out of the fiat world
  • I had a passion for crypto currency.
  • I could create art and write using what I already had -a cellphone and a few apps.

Question: What do you want?

  • I want to earn/obtain crypto currency
  • I want to live solely off of crypto currency
  • I want to show by being a active user of crypto currency that we can create a substainable and healthy lifestyle for humanity
  • I want to be a crypto tycoon(new words I learned for this is becoming a Whale or Orca🤗)
  • I want to become a philanthropist

Now for the plan🤔

To be continued...

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