Solution to Winnipeg homelessness anonhouse or Steemshelter

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Reading over these topics and setting up to go seek out interviews at homeless shelters has put perhaps a wonderful idea into my brain.

What if i recruit locals to write about different stuff like that effects poverty like temp labour,
Laws and its effect on homelessness,Homelessness,workers rights, government corruption, residantial schools and the next generation of decentralized systemic abuse as well as many other issues that face my city. And put it on steemit it on a most dynamic way and not just for meme's sake but for the power it holds.

Once i start putting a few things in play on cfs.leaks i will make new account and start setting up a network to accomplish this.

Truth is I have been setting up a decent amount of people I have redpilled to draw from.
Often random people I cross paths with often.

This bitshelter once set up would mine crypto and trade for profit as a non profit. It would also pay small amounts of to the homeless and encourage them to day trade. This is a win win meme.
1 this could solve homelessness in my city in a way that empowers those in dispair.
2 this would empower any crypto that helped set it up, it would create more crypto users in big way.
3 If the internet really gets behind this we could make the power of crypto an important issue to protect with the 2019 election coming up this would be amazing to implement quickly.(dreamer)
4 We could feel great knowing crypto and the internet has done more for my city then most.

I would like to hear your thoughts ideas and any input at all.

Its gets so cold here that sometimes people freeze to death. It would be truly amazing too see. I wonder if steem is strong enough to make up 51 precent of the finances of such a venture.

What would the effect on the steem dollars?

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Don't just up vote
Let me know your input
This seems like it could a good 4D chess move for crypto politically