Breaking News: Wemark’s Collection Reaches 1 Million Images — And We’re Just Getting Started

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Before even officially launching our marketplace, Wemark’s collection has surpassed 1 Million photos. It includes some of the most compelling images from today’s top photographers and content providers worldwide.

June 25, 2018 by Tai Kaish

Today marks an incredible milestone for Wemark. In just a few months, our collection has grown exponentially to 1 Million professionally shot, ready-to-license images from some of the most respected photographic content producers around the world. It captures a diverse, global perspective, photographed across The United States, Germany, India, Russia, The United Kingdom, Sweden, South Africa and France — with individual photographers expanding coverage to many other regions. These images span classic categories ranging from nature and wildlife to portraiture, food, travel, and lifestyle — but with fresh, unrivaled quality that will appeal to the world’s most discerning content consumers.

After announcing partnerships with Caia Image and Cavan Images earlier this year, we’re proud to reveal more than 5 new content partners. These expertly curated collections include Monkey Business Images, Mint Images, The Good Brigade, Glasshouse Images, India Pictures and a few other collections we’ll be announcing soon. These are some of the most well-known and widely used sources of premium images among top publishers, advertising agencies and big brands alike.

These partnerships position Wemark as one of the top premium stock photography collections in the world, weeks before launch. And our partners couldn’t be more excited to join our groundbreaking platform.

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