Wemark: Distributed Marketplace For The Digital Content Based On Blockchain Technology

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Today, we would like to talk about an innovative and ingenious distributed marketplace for digital content. As the number of photos, music, and video available in digital formats has increased in the last decades, centralized nature of the digital content market constitutes a severe challenge to the content creators all around the world. They have to give up their rights as well as control over their products to be part of the market as the limited number of companies dominates the distribution of the digital content. These companies set the rules and take advantage of the higher profits while content creators are not able to benefit from the outcomes of their materials. As a remedy, distributed marketplaces enable the direct licensing ensuring the digital content creators’ full control over their content. Israel and San Francisco based Wemark create the distributed marketplace for the digital content creators powered by the blockchain technology.     


Experienced and dedicated team members of Wemark introduce the Wemark Protocol based on the blockchain technology. Wemark Protocol which will consist of the set of smart contracts will provide incredible solutions to existing digital content distribution issues eliminating all the agents and mediators and facilitating the distributed marketplaces within the sophisticated decentralized network. As the first use case of the Wemark Protocol, the team presents the unique stock photography distributed marketplace, Wemark.com. After the comprehensive analysis and research on the stock photography market, Wemark team detects that the sector has been extraordinarily centralized and controlled by the small number of companies. Due to their domination and market rules, photographers are not able to interact with their customers directly, and they have to give up their rights, profits, and control. Therefore, while these companies have increased their earnings with the incredible growth of the digital content sector, real content-owners have not able to take advantage of the recent trends.  

However, Wemark.com will offer the advanced distributed marketplace for the photographers which will wipe out any effect of agencies and mediators. Thus, photographers will be able to interact with the users from all around the world directly keeping the control of their contents within the blockchain powered environment, and the customers of the photographers will enjoy the digital licenses of contents using their WMK tokens. Wemark Protocol powered by blockchain and smart contract technology will support the immutable distribution agreements, automated payment, and distribution system. Moreover, the Protocol will provide the licensing, payments, revenue distribution, and storage access features and services for the participants of Wemark.com platform. Accordingly, Wemark will resolve the current issues in the market by offering innovative solutions for the digital content creators with the help of the blockchain technology.     

Photographers will enjoy the full control over their contents, higher profits, security, and transparency. Ensuring the progress in decentralization, Wemark will provide the services of file storage and access to content, connection with external storage, crypto payments, licensing, and rewarding. Wemark will contribute to further growth of the digital content market and blockchain technology with the integration of the smart contracts, cryptocurrency as well as immutable ledger technology. Thus, Wemark highlights the significance of the flexibility, curation and modern collection, affordability, and customer satisfaction.   

Token Sale 

Wemark introduces the WMK tokens powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Holders of the WMK tokens will be able to benefit from the advanced platform services, payment system, and reward system.  Join the crowdsale and enjoy the digital content revolution!

Visit: https://tge.wemark.com/?utm_source=marketplace_website  

Get whitelisted: https://contribute.wemark.com/signup?ref=https%3A%2F%2Fcontribute.wemark.com%2F%3Futm_source%3Dmarketplace_website&utm_source=marketplace_website   

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