It's that time again!

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Welcome Wagon Peers were born to Train!

There are weeks when we have trainees that prefer to soak things in over weeks, putting the things they learned into practice one step at a time. Then, there are weeks when we have sponges! I predicted at the beginning of this week that our trainee @jamerussell would be a sponge and I was wrong. He was 5 sponges joined together! We couldn't give him enough info! Even when he said "No more -it's time to sleep!", there would be 3 more questions that he had to ask! We loved every second of it. Why? Because it's what we do!

@bluefinstudios took the lead this week and he blew my mind with how available he was for training, training and more traning around the clock! Remind me to give you a raise next week! Instead of working for peanuts, you're gonna get peanuts AND marshmallows! Pretty soon you'll have enough to make some Rocky Road!

All joking aside, thank you @jamerussell and @bluefinstudios for your absolute diligence this week. Every time I peeked into the training DM, I was amazed at the amount of info you had already covered!

So, as we send you off into the Steemiverse, and change your role in the room... (Enjoy your new red color, Graduate!!) please remember that the DM is always open, and dinner is at 7!

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It is so rewarding to find someone who wants to learn and grow! Bravo to @jamerussell, and to @bluefinstudios & #welcomewagon for being such good teachers! I wish someone like you had been there when I joined the blockchain! 😊

Thank you for the compliments, @thekittygirl! @bluefinstudios and @dreemsteem are harsh taskmasters, hahaha! Can't even say that with a straight face! They both made learning fun and interesting.

Hahahaha @dreemsteem! I want to thank you and @BluefinStudios for being there to twist my arm into a pretzel to help me get organized !!!
I do realize there is so much more to learn and it will take a little bit to get there, but I know where I can get any info I need. Except how to make a sentence red!!! Hahahaha! I will do my best to guide other newbies to get them ahead like it has been done to me.

Welcome to the Steemiverse, Sir!

Thank you, Sir, for your due diligence in keeping me in line and fed with the proper amount of information! I see charts in my sleep!!! Hahaha!

but do you hear secret voices in your ear???? SHHHHHHHHHHHH. LOLOL

I do!!! Hehehe!!

we won't leave you alone :)

we're always here! hehehe

You will never hear me complain!

She'll hear me complain!

Dear @welcomewagon

Just decided to see how have you been doing, since I didn't hear from you in a while. I noticed that you didnt post anything in a while.

Did you give up on Steemit? :(


So happy to see @jamerussell here. He is a great guy and I am happy to have him as a little wagon brother. Hehe.

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