Has it been a week already? Graduation day!

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We ask a LOT of our graduates. We throw SO much information at them in 7 days - and we really do expect them to read, listen, ask... until they have a really good grasp of Steemit! We promise not to be too far away after that 7 day mark. Cuz.... come on, there is still a LOT to learn! But when they can get MOST of it - they graduate!

And today.... is Graduation Day for:


Congratulations Darren! It seriously went so fast! But we're glad that you're still close...(you will stick sorta close, won't you? we need giggles. We also need to know where the alley art is located. please!!) We're proud of the work you did this week - even with your crazy schedule! Means a lot to us that you worked so hard!

Welcome to the Wagon, Grad!

Amazing banner created by @liberty-minded

Wagon Wheels and Welcome Wagon logo designed by the amazing @penderis


This gif created by the wonderfully artistic @liberty-minded

graduation day pic used in this post


Great job done!
We liked him from the very first moment.
Congratulations to both the @welcomewagon and @darrenfj :-)

Congratulations on your graduation @darrenfj!

Thanks everyone. ..

..the week went by fast and this second week flew by too!

You are all so friendly and gracious with your time. It is muchly appreciated..

Honestly reminds me of the interwebs when it was all BBS's and 4 hour downloads..

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