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A few of us have been playing a SUPER fun game by @insaneworks. He will give us a character (from movie, tv or both) to guess. He drops hints every hour or so - and whoever gets the answer first gets a steemy reward! It is a simple idea - but SO fun. Not only is it fun, but he is really engaging in the comment section! It ends up being a free-for-all of giggles and engagement - and I love it!

In one of these comment sections, he, @hyperbole and @penderis started

(I think it was @hyperbole's original idea!)

And - I'd like to borrow this idea, and use it for our community! To honor its beginning... I'd like to call it HyperInsane Tag hahaha They have their own rules for the game - but - for the purpose of our WW Tribe - here will be our rules!


  • Everyday, tag ONE member of the WW tribe on a post that you think they'd find interesting. Simply add, "Hey @dreemsteem, I think you'll find this post interesting!" (or whoever you want to tag) at the end of your own comment.
  • Three tags each day. (Can't be the same person in the same day. Also can't be the same person more then THREE times in a week)
  • Let me know in the Special Announcements Room (by your emoji) that you've done it each day!  
  • The end!


  • Remember that little bot I told you about? Well, it's been working like a charm! And now - it's time to give you weekly rides on it! As you successfully complete each week - you'll be added as a member of the bot! If you don't get your week finished, you'll lose your passenger status - but don't worry! You can get it back for the following week!

  • Right now it currently upvotes from these 7 communities @we-are, @we-are-community, @we-are-lucky, @we-are-mentors, @we-are-one, @we-are-steemians, @we-are-welcoming See that last one! That one is EXCLUSIVELY for us! If you have any SP you want to delegate to it - that comes RIGHT back to us as the beneficiaries of the bot!) HUGE THANKS to @eturnerx. I absolutely LOVE what you're doing with this bot! It's going to be AMAZING for communities!!!!

  • THIS WEEK ONLY!!!! @eturnerx has offered generously to sponsor some SBI for you all! He's donating 20 SBI as a prize! I'll add in another 8! 28 SBI up for grabs total!  Random drawing for ALL who participate successfully this week :)

1st prize: 7 SBI

2nd prize 6 SBI

3rd prize: 5 SBI

4th prize: 4 SBI

5th prize: 3 SBI

6th prize: 2 SBI

7th prize: 1 SBI

Want to see more about @eturnerx's bot? Go back to this post to find out more about it!

Care to delegate to boost our bot? Delegate using the quick links:

10SP, 20SP, 50SP, 100SP, 200SP, 500SP, 1000SP,

(via SteemConnect). Or use your favourite tool to delegate to @we-are-welcoming.

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Wow! Thank you for the mention! :) Thank you, thank you!
Awesome that you got an idea of from another idea. :D

@hyperbole! @hyperbole!! @hyperbole!!!

Have you seen this? You have been tagged! And we got our own HyperInsane Tag too!

This clearly needs a special creature!

What a cooooooooooooooooool idea @dreemsteem! This sounds like a lot of fun and reading great posts, thank you so much <3

One more question, so the start is Monday, right?

That's what I thought hehehe I hope it's fun!

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I am sure it will be a LOT OF FUN!!!!

oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to join in even if i am halfway late! hahahahaha do forgive me I just recently read the post.

This is gonna be fun! And I like the idea of tagging others in posts that might be interesting for them! Awesome!!!

Thanks WW Family for keeping us always on our toes..

love you all!

Lol we are both late!! I been off the grid dude!! But im back!! We practice this week and next week is game on!!!

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Hahahahahahaha high five!

How have you been mimibump! Is the bump ready to go out?? Are you ready? Im sure you are all super mega excited for the little one... ohhh.. its best gift ever!

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She is almost ready for the big show!!! But me, of course im not ready lol!!!

But have made much progress with prep hence me taking a short break from steemit!! At least i dont feel so overwhelmed anymore!! So i guess we just wait!!

How have you been??

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Hahaha ooooohhhh my! She is ready for her first debut to the world! I am as excited as you are.. i know you will be great!

Waiting seems like forever but you'll get there.. the break wont be over till the baby is out! Oh i believe we dont have that in our momma vocabulary by the way...Hahahaha you will surely need more of it.

Im doing great too! Im slowly creeping in trying to gain back the energy I have had before. Its been a busy year ender for me so many things happening.. hahahaha.. and thus Christmas is already here! Ho ho ho... we will be even more busier!

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Whoop!! Whoop!! A bit late on the wagon for this one as usual!! But im back from my slumber!!

Game face on!! Plus it sounds pretty fun!! This week is my practice round since im coming in on the ass end!!

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Ha! sooo much to read and do!

I love a good challenge..

although I am the worst for following the rules..

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