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I just posted the FULL POST on the @welcomewagon page - but since my @dreemsteem account has a BIGGER following, I thought I'd get the word out on what Welcome Wagon has been planning the last week! INTERESTED?

When we all work together, then everyone wins! Like @shadowspub coined, "It's all about community." @thealliance posts on every page, "A rising tide lifts all boats." (thanks to the words of our ocean-loving @bluefinstudios) Or like @calumam and @penderis from @buddyup says, "We all grow together."

If you're nodding your head, but don't know where to start, then maybe this is the game for you!

THIS IS A SHORTENED POST. ALL DIRECTIONS ARE ON THIS POST. All the payout from this post will GO TO THE WINNER, so read this quick if you want, and then GO HERE if you wanna win!!!


2. TRAIN them on the TOPIC of the week!

3. THEY write a post on what they've learned!


Where? Go to THIS POST for more details. This post is just to spread the word and increase the WINNINGS.

And that's all folks! It's a simple way to help others, help yourself, help the community and help the platform as a whole. Anyone who knows me - KNOWS that I'm always looking for win/win/win/win situations! I think this might be another one! But I guess we'll wait and see! If the Steemiverse likes this idea, we'll keep doing it week after week! If not - then, we will play til people move onto the next idea!

What to do now?

Go to THIS POST for more details.

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My goodness
How much is on your plate 🙀
More like how much is in your heart💗
Oh wow!!
I am here to say thank you thank you for all that you do <33

Too much!!! But her heart is so much bigger than her ginormous plate. So she finds a way somehow. The only thing is ....

The disproportionate @dreemsteem often finds herself tripping over cows. ;)

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It's really people like @dreemsteem that keep me swimming even when I start trading water from exhaustion... but I know as long as she along with some other Steemians are here... I'm staying :D
Definitely in this for more than just the rewards <33

What an excellent idea, and a fun game to boot. A true win-win-win-win! I'm heading over to read the detailed post, then go find myself a newbie!

Win win winwin win win.

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Congratulations on your project. The word "Win Win Win" is always exciting to behold.