My proposal for Registration Weku Ambassador Indonesia

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Dear Community

Regarding the opportunity to become an Ambassador given by @siamcat or Weku Director for Indonesian Society with the aim of developing WEKU Platform growth in a more advanced direction, therefore I am in the name of @hamidi103 submitting a proposal with the terms I have listed below:

ambassador 2.png


Realizing WEKU Platform Growth through structuring under ambassadors towards a platform that is ready to compete on social media blockchain, as well as expanding the WEKU Platform user network throughout the territory of Indonesia.


  • Forming several important institutions that will boost the growth of the WEKU Platform

  1. Providing study rooms for beginners or WEKU Schools so users can recognize the Weku platform perfectly so they can act according to instructions

  2. Forming a Promoter team ready to work to promote WEKU in Indonesia so that they can invite newcomers

  3. Forming several curators to choose any quality content to gain the support of ambassadors

  • Creating management for Weku Platform governance has more potential

  1. establish a supervisory institution for users who commit violations who are ready to work with @wekubuster
  2. provide discussion space to solve all problems through the discord room and WhatsApp Group

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 01.17.35.png

Experience contributions to the WEKU community

  • Indonesian Promoter team leader

leading the Indonesian promoter team in promoting WEKU amidst the community, we managed to make the Weku Platform grow so that it presents many new users after doing the Promotion

  • The founder of who moves through the discord

  • Founder of the community in the local scope since September 2018

this community I formed before the Weku Platform Famous so widespread in Indonesia, at that time I had the initiative to build a local community so that several other users could work together

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 01.17.35.png

Here's a short greeting video for friends in Indonesia

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 01.17.35.png

This is my Proposal for Weku Ambassador Indonesia Registration, I hope this proposal meets some of the criteria set to become Indonesia's ambassador, My hope is for all WEKU people in Indonesia to be able to choose the right path for the future after the election of two ambassadors and ready to support the Growth of the Weku Platform so that more users will join the Weku Platform.

Hopefully useful for all and Good Luck!

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