WEKU Coin Listed On Steem Engine

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Dear Community,

After launching WEKU Coin at the Bitshares Market several months ago, the Weku Team is thrilled to announce that Weku tokens are now for sale or trade on the Steem Engine Exchange. We look forward to expanding to more exchanges as WeKu grows in popularity and extend WEKU user base in the future.
WEKU is a Blockchain Social Media Platform where user can blog and earn WEKU Token. WEKU users are blogging on different platforms and use the opportunity to blog, share or repost their original content on WEKU.

Unlike many other platforms, we encourage users to blog in their local language and support them by delegation. Our focus is on different communities, creating engagement and offering users with no English language skills the ability to blog and earn equal to users with a standard English speaking user base.

WEKU currently represents a small community with a family friendly environment. We have strict rules regarding intellectual property. We do not support flag wars and negativity. There are currently many active curators waiting to support new users with warm welcomes. We support human interactions, use of bots will be limited and bit bots are not allowed.

We hope to see many new users join our platform and earn additional tokens from blogging. The blockchain world is expanding fast and we all can take advantage of being everywhere and also take advantage of being a WEKU early adopter.

Joining WEKU as an early adopter will give you a chance to become a WEKU whale. Many have previously missed this opportunity on some of the bigger platforms, but on WEKU you will be able to reach your goal.

Get your free account within 15 minutes including 200WP delegation now!



Coin Description

Weku tokens are created by the WEKU Official Team. WeKu is the first SAAS blockchain social media platform and runs on the WEKU blockchain. We support individual users along with their communities by providing token delegations to support communities making WeKu unique in that capacity. We also encourage users to blog in their native languages and earn rewards.



Resteemed good start

Congratulations to weku

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Beautiful news.

I bought some of the tokens

Great news. Good achievement for weku community.

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This is good news for Weku and Weku users worldwide!! Congratulations!!

This is good news. With more and more exchanges for WeKu, it will have a good impact on increasing the value of WeKu.

Congratulations WeKu. Of course this is encouraging news. I already have several tokens there.

My account was disabled. Please reply, thank you.

@michealb the system auto block the inactive account, its because you were maybe long term inactive. Please contact me via discord on dm and I will help you with this matter:


ok thanks, will do

Because it is not decentralized.

Oh... you didn't know weku is centralized?

wow, this is exciting news. With the real success of the #weku team, it means that currently, WEKUCOIN already has two markets where tokens are sold. very fun, reading this news. greetings from my users https://deals.weku.io.com/@marwan1.

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เป็นข่าวดี ขอบคุณสำหรับการพัฒนา และมอบโอกาส ในทุกระดับชั้น WeKu คือพวกเรา

Congrats... That's an improvement

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it doesn't work..

it gives error "WEKU account doesn't exist."

@cineloga you need to add your bts account not Weku account.
This is the bridge from bts to Steem ENG
We will provide the How to post, please wait for tomorrow

thank you for your answer @siamcat

Now we just need to get Lino on there and I am set.

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