This is why I am getting out of weku and selling everything

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Weku has given me a lot, more than any other thing in internet till now. A lot of good friends, lot of dramas seen, how things work, how to choose good project, how to manage community and use your power. I was the first independent promoter of weku and when we were in infancy, my blogs were reasons for many to be on weku. But since 6 months I have been seeing weku is dying and things are going as I predicted and it is not good.


The reason for me to promote weku was because of their promises in white paper and steemit was mostly controlled by whales and we could have a better start with more decentralization. But now all points used to promote weku is unrelevant. It is less decentralized than steemit, only one entity can vote with value worth something and even small things like exchange listing and open sourcing the code is made big deal while whitepaper promised to do things like direct video integration, direct chat and other innovation.

Here are few reasons to leave weku for me

1 There are 1000's of sites exactly similar to weku already and because of ease created by steem-engine, sites like this are being introduced everyday. Weku is nothing special with no new technolgy or anything. We have whaleshares, bearshares and now 100's of website like PAL, CCC with better fundamentals and management. There is no reason for weku to survive.

2 Weku is controlled by a entity, and any one who don't want to be her slave is kicked out, if someone manages to do what she orders, even if they are plagiarist or scammer, they can be moderator of weku. Even centralized medias are controlled by a board where they look at different opinion and best option is choosen and other options are falsified with facts and proofs. Here is weku other opinion is made silent by any possible means. Delegation is given to empty account, plagirist are flagging another plagrist with no shame and under protection, vote is farmed legally and others are punished for doing same thing. The only way to grow is to be a slave and it is not what is decentralization.

3 There is no room for growth on weku. First they made everyone votes worthless, even of previous whales and made their own new whales with enormous power, with which no one can compete. Now anyone who talks in their favor are voted and there is illusion that weku is going to the moon because all trending posts are posts voted by new whales, but for anyone in crypto for some time, it is sure, weku is going no where.

4 Steemit reward mechanism is proven to be failing mechanism, we don't need another thing. Serious projects like whaleshares, dtube are searching for better mechanism for reward and they are working on it. Any basic blockchain project needs a front end developer, a graphic designer, some back end developers, marketing officer and community manager and everyone should be making consistent improvement. It seems marketing to crypto newbies is the only thing going for long time.

5 Every valid argument in official discord is either deleted or unanswered becasuse there is no answer. Now the official server is deleted showing there are negative argument about weku. It means plagrist being moderator is good but we complaing is bad, giving 200k delegation to vote for 8 people is good, giving delegation to empty account is good, fooling people with false hopium is good and awaring people is bad.

It is almost impossible for weku to gain any value. I want weku value to go up but it can't happen because of lots of reasons. I am warning you to not believe how team encourages you to buy their token. There are now almost millions of coins and 50 or 100 will survive in long run and they are projects like ethereum, cosmos, neo, maker, even steem looks to not survive.

We need 10 times better product to beat the first mover and weku is 10 times worse than steemit, think with open mind. Don't be trapped in false hope, dreaming is good but we must look at possibility. I really wanted weku to succeed and used a lot of my brain juice to think ways to promote weku but it seems everything team wants is to gain a lot of crypto newbies and listen to "Weku to the moon".


haha bhai ko reputation danger nai banaideko raixa tah yar

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