Are you on Weku or your yet to join it...???

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Have you heard about the new social media sharing platform just like Steemit? Haven't heard about it yet?? Let me introduce you the newest platform that is going to change your life for good just like steemit. Join now.


WEKI is the first Software as a service (SAAS) community blochain base creative content and social networks platform with rewards.

It's prior mission is to create a fully new decentralized social network platform based on the blockchain technology and utilizing the interplanetary file system (IPFS).

Why should you join the weku social networks platform now?

Do you always wish you new about steemit at it early stage?

Have you ever wish you were a whale with a lot of steempower?

Well, if any of the above questions have ever crossed your mind then, you need to join WEKU now..

The reason is that the platform is still very new and it is easy to get upvote and build WEKU power. The more WEKU power you possess the more influence you have in the platform.

There's also a welcoming bonus going on, once you join the platform you're welcome with 100WEKU token. But you must use someone referral link for you to given the bonus.

Here's the deal, use my WEKU referral link >> and get 100WEKU bonus.

Why should you join through my referral link? This is because when you join WEKU with my referral link, you will be given 100Weku token and I will also be given 50WEKU token for referring you.

Join WEKU now

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