[Announcement 2019/09/26] Update- Referral and Welcome Bonus

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Dear WEKU Community,

Because of the success of our new referral and welcome bonus promo the WeKu Team has decided to up the ante. In order to make our offer even more attractive:

  1. For every user that joins WeKu via your invitation and creates an introduction post submitting the post link at the Promoter Discord #introduction-post, the inviter will get 100 WeKu and the newcomer will get 200 WEKU Bonus.

  2. For every user that joins WeKu via your invitation at the real life meet up or event and creates an introduction post (mentioning the inviter), the inviter will get a 300 WEKU referral bonus and the newcomer will get a 500 WEKU welcome bonus.

You can comment on this post with the introduction post link from your invitee or drop the post at #myreferral at the Promoter Discord: https://discord.gg/cykHj95

The WeKu Team wants to thank everyone in the WeKu Community for helping to make WeKu a success and this promotion is our way of saying thanks for doing your part.

The WEKU Official Team.

Posted: https://main.weku.io/community-deals/@weku-official/announcement-2019-09-26-update-referral-and-welcome-bonus

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