Weiss Crypto Ratings Leak - Ranked by Market Cap

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TickerMarket CapRating
BTC$186,821.1 MnB-
ETH$98,204.4 MnB+
XRP$53,497.6 MnB
BCH$27,809.1 MnC
ADA$14,866.2 MnC+
LTC$9,907.2 MnC
XLM$9,692.6 MnA-
NEM$8,676.3 MnD
Neo$8,406.2 MnA-
EOS$8,222.7 MnB+
IOTA$6,998.5 MnB+
DASH$6,060.4 MnC-
XMR$4,934.4 MnC
BCG$3,260.5 MnD
ICX$3,149.7 MnB+
QTM$3,020.3 MnB-
ETC$2,913.6 MnD
VEN$2,318.4 MnC
PPT$1,911.6 MnC
XRB$1,837.4 MnC+
OMG$1,731.7 MnB-
ZEC$1,400.1 MnC
MnB$1,336.7 MnB+
STRAT$1,254.9 MnD
SIA$1,231.1 MnB
BCN$1,189.2 MnC-

Thank you for your information..@newsflash

Thank you for your information


A few surprises there. Where did you get this information from?

A Trading community member shared it; he got it from a more salubrious community I wasn't on.

massive BS

Yeah, this is neither a qualified source nor perhaps a meaningful rating... Lets see what the real ratings are.

Bitcoin (rated C+) gets excellent scores for security and widespread adoption. But it is encountering major network bottlenecks, causing delays and high transactions costs. Despite intense ongoing efforts that are achieving some initial success, Bitcoin has no immediate mechanism for promptly upgrading its software code.
Ethereum (B), the second most widely adopted cryptocurrency, benefits from more readily upgradable technology and better speed, despite some bottlenecks.
Novacoin (D) and SaluS (D) are weak in terms of both technological innovation and adoption.
Steem (B-) enjoys a relatively good balance of moderate strength in nearly all the key factors considered along with a social network feature.

None of the cryptocurrencies covered currently get a grade of A (“excellent”). In total Weiss currently covers 74 cryptocurrencies.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they crashed. RIP.

TBH I don't believe this is legit. I could be wrong.

I don't know either. We find out in three minutes!

So BNB is the stand out winner with a high ranking, and a low market Cap.
Neo comes in strong, still plenty of room to grow, and the highest ranking.

I'm not sure how I feel about rating agencies assigning grades to coins... Remember what happened with those AAA rated loans?

Very surprised with some of C ratings...XMR & VEN.

If I was a rating company I would be hard pushed to put anything above a C. Imagine the reputational damage when one of these goes Bang.

How to spot which ones they've put their money in

Looks like they're sleeping on both ETH and ICX

Indeed, who knows how they made their list to work on. but PPT and ICX on there seems a little strange.

Shouldn’t the market cap be priced in millions on that chart. 1,000 bn is equal to 1trillion. Anyways very surprised that NEM isn’t rated a little higher.

Yup, you are right, I goofed on that. Just edited it. And thanks!

F-f-f-fake. ;p

Massive BS!

I guess because of scalability issues in present ETH network it gets B+ and NEO gets A-. But very promising updates are coming for ETH and I am waiting eagerly. But I do feel VEN and OMG deserve better ratings. Anyways I am not a fan of ratings.