Steemit is weird.

in #weird3 years ago

Steemit is super weird. I am just getting back on here, and it's ineresting to see how it's transformed a little bit with the crash of crypto n all the hype on the money aspect. I still haven't posted enough or got into it enough to really know what I expect out of this platform. Cryptocurrency, sharing ideas, and idea that 'likes' actually earn you something made me interested in it. I've learned that steemit is certainly something that you have to make your own, but I'm just as scared as intrigued about the amount of freedom in possibilities we have. I haven't figured the direction I want to go with steemit, or if I'm even going to have enough motivation to pump out something cool instead of silly rambles like this one. Think knowledge packed articles with earnest opinion on how to change the world? A bunch of silly jokes to try to earn some sbd? Or maybe just a stream of thought like right now...

Shoot me some advice in the comments guys or just give me something fun to write about that might gain some traction with this community I'm still trying to be a part of. Thanks

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