[A video for practicing eye contact?] This was strange! I found myself smiling along with the awkward moments. Try it!

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I didn't expect that!

I seen this video and kind of smirked at it. I ended up giving it a try anyways. The unexpected smiles and weird feelings that came along with this video was pretty strange for me. It got weirder when it went on to practicing group eye contact. Haha

This video definitely simulates\demonstrates the raw vulnerability associated with making eye contact with people. It felt personal in a weird way. Lol I felt a perspective of "a fly on the wall", while simultaneously being engaged with these digital strangers.

I urge you to try it out! Here it is:

Video For Practicing Eye Contact - FOUR Difficulty Levels

I'd like to know what YOU thought about this, so tell me. I hope it made you feel a bunch of weird stuff. Haha

Thank you for reading my post, and for any contributions made!(Upvotes, comments, follows, and resteems)

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Haha this is so crazy!

Heh. Feels oddly therapeutic.

It does don't it? Lol That's a good way of putting it.

Most of them have smiling eyes that make me laugh a bit too. Nice video to practice eye contact indeed! Thanks @intrepidthinker.

Its weird how contagious it can be. I found it super interesting. Thanks for the comment!

eyes always make people difficult to use.

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