Working in the CBD, Hard to be healthy?

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So my first week of work is over.
Healthy eating can be hard, especially when working in the city and on a very small diet.
But it's not hard, so many places now offer some great alternatives.
I was able to find a soup place just down stairs in my building that actually have great soup options (full of veggies) and enjoyed a mushroom soup.

I was also able to find a 24hr Pizza place in the city on my walk to work that serves breakfast, you can buy individual items (Eggs $3.50 and Mushrooms $1.50) which mean $5 for breakfast, sounds pretty good right? well it gets better because I can't eat the whole thing so I split it into lunch too and made it $2.50 a serve.

You really do need to watch some of the traps tho, people who can currently eat a full menu can easily be trapped into thinking something is health, EG a local cafe I observed making a "Salad roll" for a customer it looked amazing, but when you break it down it had white bread, heaps of butter, full fat mayonnaise, it then had a tomato chutney (high in sugar), and also had fatty meat, while it appeared healthy on the outside (and certainly has better properties than a big mac, it also had the same level of calories with the cheese also added in)

My first week of working is down post surgery, no issues, no complications, I have not lost any weight in the last 4 days (But that's not of any concern to me now) I am getting better, drinking MUCH more fluid and signed up to a gym this week.

Going really well and I look forward to when my Gym opens Aug 3 to starting the next phase in my journey.

Stay Awesome Peeps


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I'd avoid the bread (I have type 2 diabetes) but apart from that, that looks incredibly yummy.

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Yes, Nutrition can be complicated and food industry doesn’t make any easier for us! A lot of foods is “designed” to make us eat more for example : Removing fiber from some meals ( mostly junk food) will make us hungry and not satisfied! This is why we need large portions of those foods to stop hunger!
We really need to keep educating ourselves in order to stop getting trapped in nonsense!
You are doing well! Keep on going👍😉


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Great news. Mad to think you could buy a pizza and not be able to get through it before you have to throw the last of it away.

Haha yep. At the moment I wouldn't even get through a single slice lol

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