Giant hybrid bike vs Masi road bike

in #weightloss3 months ago

It’s been a while since I posted about my health. I shot up to 287 lbs before I switched jobs. I will say that the decrease in stress from the job switch was IMPORTANT! I decided to keep my health as my number one priority. That being said, I decided to bike at least 30 miles a week. I have a good Giant hybrid 21 speed bike. It helped ,e go from 320 to 270. I’ve been able to average about 12 mph on it. Last week, I decided to get a Masi road bike, since I worked down to 250 lbs.

OMG!!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! This bike is super light, has Shimano groupset (gears, derailleurs, brakes, and crankset) and lighter/thinner tires and wheels. I have been able to average 14 mph. The biggest differences has been in keeping a good rpm uphill, changing the front gear. Additionally, I have changed to a stronger gear going downhill, which builds up speed for the next hill!

This summer I am planning on dropping the last 30 pounds to a muscular 220 lbs. This road bike will help me ramp up my mileage and speed, thus my calories expended!