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"Weekly Wonders" is a series of good habits I'll be developing for myself every week.

Why Weekly Wonders?

I once watched Abraham-Hicks's video Think and Get Slim! Where they talk about this process of "releasing resistance to become debt free"(which is one of their 22 Processes by the way) in terms of weight loss.

The basic concept of the process is taking baby steps towards your big goals. It's about doing the thing which is easily possible for you in your NOW!

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Abraham-Hicks always talk about raising your vibration before taking action. For example, suppose if something is bothering us in our life then we take away our attention completely off that subject and focus on something else then that problem is more likely to solve itself because we are no longer focusing on it with our negative attention or after a while we'll get inspired by the solution of that particular problem.

But when it comes to the problems with our physical body it's really difficult to not to give it our attention as our body is with us all the time. So, in such a situation they suggested taking action to raise our vibration through this particular process.

In this process, you take a paper and draw several columns on it. In your far left-hand column, you write your biggest goal! Let's say its "I want to lose 30 kgs". So, you want to lose 30 kgs but it's not possible for you to do today and right now it seems like a big, unreachable, scary thing. The next big goal is "I want to be able to walk 5 miles at a brisk pace easily and hardly feel anything except exhilaration". Put that in the second column and so on.

It's like moving from the hardest things you want to do towards the easiest thing you can do now with your physical body and start with all the easy things you can do right now.

For example, losing 30 kgs is my big goal but losing 30 kgs today is not possible or even in a couple of months or a year or 2 years! but starting a "Drinking plenty of water every day" habit is easily possible for me right now. Also, if my next big goal is dancing on stage at my best friends wedding, for which, if I'm being honest, not ready at all both emotionally and physically right now but I can start dancing for few mins every day! Yah, that I can do easily right now!

So here, I'll be raising my vibration because of the satisfaction I'll be getting from checking the things I can do NOW off my list. It's about doing my best to get myself in balance by keeping my commitment with myself.

It all makes sense when we realize that we have to carve our own path as we are not living someone else's life. As only WE know where we are in our weight loss journey and what we can do easily NOW. Only we know our own weaknesses and our strengths.

5 Lessons I learned through my weight loss failures-

In my last post, I talked about the 5 lessons I learned through my weight loss failures. These lessons serve as a basis for this Weekly Wonders concept. I'm going to apply these lessons to develop a good habit every week which will be a part of my fulfilling lifestyle eventually.

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Weekly wonders have categories such as -

  1. Rujuta Diwekar's Fitness Project 2018
  2. Games of Alignment
  3. Physical Exercise

Rujuta Diwekar's Fitness Project 2018

This was a Fitness Project started by Rujuta Diwekar on Facebook back in Jan 2018. Unfortunately, I missed it at that time but its better late than never. So this project was about following fitness guidelines every week for up to 12 weeks/3months to form a healthy lifestyle. I'll write about it in detail in my upcoming posts.

Games of Alignment

In this category, I'll be taking baby steps to develop a loving relationship with MYSELF. It will include Abraham-Hicks's processes to release the resistance I have, Self-love practices and more. More in detail in my upcoming posts.


In this, I'll be developing exercise habits which I can do NOW with ease and fun. More in detail in my next posts.

Structure of Weekly Wonders

The structure of weekly wonders is inspired from Rujuta Diwekar's Fitness Projects 2018.

So, every week I'll take 1 or 2 habits from 1 or 2 categories and carry each week's habit to next week.

For example, Week 2 = Week 1 habit(s) + Week 2 habit(s)

Week 3 = Week 1 habit(s) + Week 2 habit(s) + Week 3 habit(s) and so on.

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When I came up with this whole weekly wonders concept, it immediately gave me relief. "Weekly wonders" is allowing me to do exactly what I wanted for so long. It's allowing me to take baby steps, it's allowing me to make peace with my NOW and look forward with ease. It's allowing me to make peace with my body, with myself, with my life, with where I am NOW in my life. More importantly its allowing me to enjoy the JOURNEY.

Stay tuned!

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