It's The Weekend Again !!!

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Happy weekend dear Steemians.
We all have such busy schedules and little time to rest and unwind with families and friends. Some of us are just so busy and the business encroaches into the weekend leaving other important aspects of our lives to suffer.

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For very busy parents, the children are hopeful of having you all to themselves at the weekend. For the very busy spouse, your significant other hopes to spend quality time with you at the weekend. And you-the busy bee, your entire body looks forward to a break at the weekend.
Now what happens when all these needs are not met?
The kids get detached and possibly exposed to bad company in any form and have to go through difficult childhood moments alone, your spouse discovers a new companion and divorce obviously comes knocking. You personally become fatigued and eventually breakdown.
Yes, the road to success and personal fulfilment is hectic and there should be no room for procrastination, yet you need some time out just to yourself and people that matter. You need some time out to realize you've put on some weight or need to just cool off with a huge cup of ice-cream out on the patio. You need sometime out to see how good your son or daughter is at basketball. You need sometime out to just have breakfast in bed, crazy lunch or candlelight dinner with your significant other looking into their eyes and professing your love all over again.

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Weekend could just be a sacred time to look forward to. Oh how I love my weekends, coz its the only time I get to sleep and wake up pretty late and have no ill feelings at all😂😂😂..
So I always look forward to it!
Weekends could just be that special time in which you do something special for yourself and others... It doesn't have to be all about work, business meetings, projects and all those very tasking stuffs.
Use the weekend to just pay some more attention to other aspects of your life because they obviously matter even though work doesn't allow you admit that.

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Happy Weekend folks!! Do something special!!
@missabigail.. Writing from my bed!!! 😂😂😂

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At this point, I'd really like to say thank you to everyone who takes time to read my post.
Please upvote, comment, resteem... And follow my blog!
I'd really like to get your thoughts on life's issues.
Love you loads!!
I'll be bringing in more messages and I've made a list of people who really inspire me on this platform... And I know this list can only get longer.
Thank you so much
@chbartist @rynow @blessed-girl @darlenys01 @coolguy222 @Juanmanuellopez1 @certain) @wems @praditya @atlingz @midgeteg@vickykarma @lexymaine @brightsun@sanjoea
Please note the list above are individuals whose simple comments and post have inspired me in one way or the other.. And I know there are many more people like that.
I don't regret mentioning you guys and I love the fact that you see things as they are and speak up for what's right.
Love you guys!!!

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