Withdrawal: The Weekend Freewrite - 6/9/2018

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We guarantee full satisfaction, she said with a smile. "You lug-nuts will be fully serviced."

I reacted nervously, "Oh! Yes. Of course. The car is what you are talking about." He taps his toes with his shoes against the desk, hardly able to hold back the lust I felt for the woman in front of me. I was amazed that she, a woman with soft hand, would be working in a place that some of the crudest fellers this world had to offer. She had to be tough. I like that in my women.

Her eyebrow raises, "Ya. Your car is being serviced and will be ready for you to pick up in an hour. Until that time, you are welcome to sit in the visitors center and read the magazines."

Not wanting to press my luck with this woman at this time, I went to find a seat. Too bad the place was busy and crowded. I walked around to the second row of benches and sat in a seat next to a man who had taken up two seats.

I figure this guy is not going to eat me because he is shoving a half-eaten hotdog down his throat. I cringe. I turn my attention to the table where the magazines are kept. Let me see. Trash. Trash. Trash. Hmm ... This one looks interesting. It had on its cover a Victoria Secret model and the new secret they wish to reveal in bold typed letters.

That is when the gunshot rang out. Where had it come from? I noticed the fat man next to me droop over in his chair. It wasn't catch-up running down his face. Bolting to my feet, I rush toward the back room, stumbling down a step and grabbing at the wall to steady myself. I felt something hit my leg. It started to go numb. Fuck!

"Where do you think you're going, little man," I heard a voice from behind me say. I had fallen to my knees. My legs didn't want to work. That is when I felt a touch, a soft touch.

She nestled closer to him, the man beside me, and pulled the trigger as she held my hair with her hands. "Isn't this what you wanted? A close interaction with me and now you are running away?!? Boy, where are your manners?"

I piss my pants. "Please! I don't know what you want. Just tell me and let me live. I'll give you anything you want."

"I know you will." She hoisted me up by my arms. "First you are going to walk to your car." She pushed me in the direction she wanted me to go. "Then we are going to make a cash withdrawal."

Today was Sunday. The banks were not open on Sunday. "You know what day it is and the impossibility your "request" presents us." My words are slurred and I'm having difficulty staying on my feet.

"Don't play coy with me. You know where the other stash is at. It is time to make a withdrawal."

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Love the opening line with the lug-nuts! Thanks for making me grateful that as bad as my visits to the repair shop have been, they weren't this messed up!

The prompt is ready! What wonders await?
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Freewrite Day 234 - caterpillar
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Arghhh! I thought this prompt would bring about all kinds of sex stories - instead, I get death and destruction!!!

I have tended to disregard and stop myself from writing sex stories. I feel embarrassed to talk about such things. And there is cultural “norms” to contend with.