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She loved both her husbands. It was the best picnic they’ve ever had together after the two children had been taken from there lives.

The sound of the wind calmed her. The sound of the water brought a sense of peace she’d not felt for years. But the knawing in the stomach would not quiet down. This was the time to fulfill the last of what she planned to do.

Dear,” speaking to Gregory who was on here right, ”can you go to the car and grab the wine now.”

“You do know where the car is, don’t you?” he askes.

“Yes, of course, I do. Why should that stop you?”

“I’ll make the mile hike back then, dear.”

“Thanks,” she says.

Gregory takes off down the trail leaving her alone with Peter.


There was a feeling about the place, but it wasn't what you'd expect. I had to drink the can of beers before heading back to my wife, Victoria.
I sat alone in the car too long. The night had started to come on. I must hurry if I’m to make it back in time.

A rustling in the woods off the trail...

”Hello. Is anyone there?” I see nothing move. I continue my walk. It’s only a mile back. No time to stop and check out the scenery.

A rustle in the bushes again.

”Hello,” again no answer. I pick up my pace. I begin to hear footsteps along with laughter.

”Who is it that ventures into my forest with the smell of alcohol on his breath?” the strange voice shrieks.

”It is I, Gregory,” I say stumbling over a rock, falling to the ground crushing my face again the hardened dirt. The laughter is now in my ear.

”Are you going to dance for me,” the voice says.


”The stamp, where did you get this stamp for the envelope?” Peter asked frantically.

”It was taken by Gregory when we were at the castle.”

I’d heard the rumors about that place. The villagers had warned us not to take any pictures while inside of the castle.

”Are you aware of what Gregory has done?” Peter's voice sounding worried.

”Oh, come off it! You really think taking a picture of some stupid beast who has teeth as long as fingers, canines twice the size, a fancy suit, hair covering his face, and with piercing, red eyes looking at us from the canvas is going to be able to do anything to us in the real world? That is just some stupid game the villagers like to play with stupid people who believe in fairytale monsters. He even has to drink for the magic to work.”



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Es mágico ese lugar , uno al verlo se traslada al pasado a la época medieval


I currently don’t have a translator, but thanks! 🙏🏼


she said that the place is magic and only see the picture she travel to the past time to the medieval era

Beautiful pictures and nice pleas thanks for sharing

That is an interesting take on things!!


I’m kind of surprised I’ve been writing like this lately. To me, It is a creepy piece.

Oooh..a dark tale, love it! Too bad Gregory didn't know the part about the drinking...


🙏🏼 It is a shame, isn’t it? Inspired by The Mythology podcast from the creature of the week section.

I am curious to know what is in the envelope and what plan she had cooking up. I might never know.

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