Es mágico ese lugar , uno al verlo se traslada al pasado a la época medieval

I currently don’t have a translator, but thanks! 🙏🏼

she said that the place is magic and only see the picture she travel to the past time to the medieval era

Beautiful pictures and nice pleas thanks for sharing

That is an interesting take on things!!

I’m kind of surprised I’ve been writing like this lately. To me, It is a creepy piece.

Oooh..a dark tale, love it! Too bad Gregory didn't know the part about the drinking...

🙏🏼 It is a shame, isn’t it? Inspired by The Mythology podcast from the creature of the week section.

I am curious to know what is in the envelope and what plan she had cooking up. I might never know.

Look what's dropped in!
image via pixnio

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Thank you, sir.

You are welcome, friend