The Little Ghouls

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Dear little children, please gather 'round. Bring you a pillow and come and sit down.

Our story begins tonight with the independent who had followers. This independent didn't want the followers but the followers were as stubborn as a building molding in the hot sun. Refusing to leave, the followers did the independent's chores, giving nothing for the independent to do.

Soon enough, the independent began to ponder what it would be like to have children with his followers. He decided that he was going to need a bigger house, one that was cheap and off the market.

A battle over land would ensue.

The independent gathered the followers, who were all too glad to do as they were told by the man they put on a pedal stool. He told them of his plan to take over the land with his seed.

Men willingly gave up their wives. Some men even gave up their children.

Some men protested and those who protested against the individual were shunned by the followers and excommunicated from the community.

I was thirteen when that happened. Ten years later...

My eyes sprang wide. The woman's dark brown face was very close... The independent was close by, too. If I played my cards right, this would be the last time I slept with his women and him. But, his house had not been won yet from the people who were still inside of it.

The streets were not safe, not for a Humtrotter girl. They, those who needed pennies to feed their families, would have me turned in before a cricket sung its first note.

Many of the girls who attempted to escape landed in traps that were designed by the individual after he got a taste for blood. The people could no longer see his wickedness as they made the choice to fuse with him like an outlet and a plug.

The woman smeared a black mark across my forehead. She dipped her finger back into the bowl. When she retracted her finger, it had more of the black stuff on it.

The black stuff made her feel fuzzy but she could not reject because the individual would get out the "brick and mortar," a tool used to get everyone who was out of line back in line.

The woman got up and left the room.

Inside a bag of groceries by the bed was a map left by my cousin. Quickly, I pulled it out and wiped off the egg yoke. Half of the map was missing because the writing was done in charcoal and the parts that were touched by the egg's yoke were unreadable.

I grabbed a jacket and headed to the door. I opened the door slowly and peeked out. Nothing either way. I stepped out into the hallway and quickly made my way passed the followers's shut doors.

I had never seen a butterfly in the house before but then I remember that the drug causes things to appear.

Where is the map? Oh, here in my hand.

I'm at the stairs. Peeking around, I don't see anybody coming so I move as quickly as my feet will take me down the flights of stairs. I saw no one, not even the independent.

I see the main door from behind the two potted plants I'm looking out from. Seeing that there was still no one around, I bolted to the door.

When the door was open, a group of ghouls stood in front of me, much like yourselves, and I've never been allowed to step outside ever again.

The End

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Hello Hello!

Your writing is magnificent, it has a different style than what I have read and I love it ... I congratulate you, you deserve it!

Greetings from Venezuela ♡

oh dear @tristancarax, so we are trapped, guarded by ugly demons and hopeless ... it seems perfect for halloween .-)) very nice story !! and congratulations on your curie vote

Hi @tristancarax. I must confess that you caught me from the front line. Very, very interesting your story. I loved the ending although with the title you had already warned that the "little ghouls" would be protagonists. It has been a great pleasure to read you. A big hello