Richard's Suprise: Weekend Freewrite- 6/16/2018

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Richard loved to surprise her, she was learning what she could do with her bow. Just a month ago she could not shoot a large tree five feet away. Now, she was shooting at smaller coniferous trees no more than 3 diameter, splitting them apart down the middle. He gave her a new bow for this feat.

She was the most gifted child he had even seen brought to him for training. She was not only learning at an accelerated rate with the bow, but with mathematics and logic of all things. This was the one he had to make his apprentice someday.

The days of training in the first years of her life would be the easiest. The work we do goes from the easiest to hardest, most recent to most distant. Think of it like the beer bubbles poring over the rim. The bar tender runs a ruler shaped tool over the rim, forcing the excess bubble to split out.

She started taking up a lot of bad habits when she stayed at school. She was sent to detention for speaking out against what she knew was wrong. The nuns didn't tolerate being wrong. Being called out for it was a sin punishable by those who work for God.

She had begun puberty at an early age. This caused her wanting to explore the girls that were around her. "God doesn’t like dirty little children," the nun said when she was caught with a willing participant. She cried in front of Richard the day this happened.

Her parents said it was the best thing for her, being in school being taught as the good ol' Christian folk. They were blind to their daughter dread. The father and mother had long stuff the skeletons in the closet and bolted it shut.
Richard received an old letter from Amsterdam. Old because it was dated five years before this day he had received it. He didn't have choice but to do as the letter commanded. The duty he had was left incomplete.

She wasn't going to take this surprise well. Her teen years were exactly the best after she was thrown out of her parents’ house for become a "pagan." She decided on the right-hand path. She didn't want to take the left. She said it was weak.

Richard did his best to educate the young woman in the ways of the left-hand path. She is filled with anger and rage at the things she cannot control and the things that will never be. She fights within herself. Richard's only hope is that the seeds he planted would start to grow.

Richard left when the moon was darkest. It was better to leave unseen before the people around asked to many questions. Besides, he knew the way, even blindfolded.

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