Pocket Watch: The Weekend Freewrite

A burning question began to grow stronger in my heart day by day. "Is there anything missing..." Patting down the man one last time, I found a pocket watch in his breast pocket. Examining the gold plated watch, I see the engraving To my divine son - Mom.

I put the watch in my pocket and stood up to go. The door flung open with two armed men with Berettas slinking in. I grab a sky pole and stab one of the gunmen in the hand. He drops his weapon.

With my foot, I kick the other gunman's hand. His finger pulls the trigger, hitting his friend in the head. Grabbing the glass bottle from the table, I smack the alive gunman over the head with it and stab him in the throat with the sky pole.

I wipe the blood away from my eyes. Getting off the train is going to be a challenge.

I walk through the open door.

"Your feet shall walk upon a plush carpet of contentment," says the girl with long black and grey hair. She's latched onto the roof of the caboose. She snarls.

I plug her with three rounds. My shots hit vital organ spots but she merrily laughs at the failed attempt to cause her damage. My mouth drops. What can survive three bullet holes?

In front of me, the wooden floor turns into a plush carpet. Small threads turn into the bodies and heads of a snakes. They grew teeth at an alarming rate. Poison is oozing out of their glands down the two massive fangs.

I hop up on a seat. As I do, she throws a book at me, which hits me in the head. She laughs as I look at her.

I take out my lighter and snatched up rope hanging down from a compartment. After lighting the rope, I drop it on the ground. The snakes retract their heads.

"If you are dead and if the tourists are dead, there will be no one to know of what happened," says the little girl as she watches her snakes burn like a dry pine tree. Turning her attention back to me, she shatters the glass windows with her voice. Every piece that falls toward the floor is floating under her conscience control.

I lift up a roulette table in the nick of time, blocking tiny pieces from tearing my face to shreds. I fire off two more rounds. I miss, both times, the fire extinguisher as the train lurches from one side to the other.

I then remember the watch. Pulling it out, she hisses and asks, "Where did you get that?"

"From the dead man," I say pointing behind me. "In there."

"You've taken what is precious to me. Give it back."

I throw the watch in her direction. It lands on the ground beneath her. She climbs down from the ceiling, picks up the watch, and goes out the door to the roof.



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That's very action packed and frightening! you did a great job of the 3 prompts!

Posted using Partiko Android

Action seems to be easy for me to write. Me getting into the descriptions of things is challenging.

Well, you're doing the right thing to learn :)

Posted using Partiko Android

Sometimes things fall into place
You took the watch.... which then saved you from that very angry girl
Will this prompt bring more action... and blood...


Click On Me For Prompt👇🏿


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the plush carpet is doing something to people LOL

That is when the stories get pretty far out there. burning snakes and such :)