Marjorie's Alcohol Problem: Weekend Freewrite -7/28/2018

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From time out of mind, Marjorie had led the fight for an alcohol-free county. It is our mission to stop this ludicrous, maniacal, diabolical woman who persists in the ways of stopping us from having a good time, even when that leads to the unfortunate side effects our drinking has on ourselves and those around us.

Mission Objectives:

  • Fame Marjorie in the swimming pool with the principle, Prezzy D (her husband), after the building is closed for the night.
  • Get a picture for evidence.
  • Send to the local papers.

How will we get them to the pool without being spotted ourselves?

  • From our recon mission, the intel we gathered told us she and he drinks from the same coconut bottle after having it filled with her favorite drink, the punch, a mixture of pineapple, orange, turmeric and lime with a splash of water. Switching our bottles, a drink filled with sleeping pills, with their bottles will be accomplished by the waiter. They will drink, sleep, and we will grab them, transferring them to the planned location.

I'm going to need your very best tonight. The road is long and dangerous. The cowards, those who relinquish their duties, will be mocked by the entire college campus.

"Because what does that word mean then, fly? My life has been destined to reach this point. It is the middle I've been searching for. God told me to rid the earth of all alcohol. I fly on the wings of an angel." She slams the papers down on the table.

Dick sits back with a concerned look on his face. He holds his hands together in front of his face. "The kids know how to make it themselves. These papers prove that. However, we are not going to rid the campus of alcohol until ..."

"Don't you say it! I told you no."

"Every cause has an effect."

"Here are your drinks," says the waiter, setting the drinks down on the table.

... as it turns out Marjorie will not be able to run after her and her husband's, Principle Dick Hill, was found in the college pool making love. The College has denied answering our...

click The TV shuts off.

"Great news bucky boy." Stan takes a couple drags of his cigar. "You made campus great again. Now that Marjorie is out of the way, we can through away the Protestant values for ones that we like."

"It wasn't a problem, sir." He solutes as he snaps his boots together.

"Your service shall be called on again in the future."


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